Thursday, August 09, 2012

Essie Bikini So Teeny

Hi guys! Today I'm wearing an Essie Polish from their Bikini So Teeny Summer collection. This light periwinkle is the namesake, Bikini So Teeny. It's a little bit lighter than Essie's Lapis of Luxury. In the bottle it also has some pink, blue and silver shimmer but it does not show up on the nail what so ever.
Bikini So Teeny applied well and was opaque in two coats.
I was in a bit of a rush when painting my nails so that's why I didn't do the best cleanup job (hello running my nail across my cuticles in attempt to remove wet polish).

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  1. That's such a pretty blue, I can imagine it with the shimmer through it!

    Also, I want to nominate you for the Liebster Award, follow my blog back for the Award!

    (If you've already been nominated don't feel you need to post about it twice!)

  2. Love Bikini So Teeny! It's been a staple for me this summer!

  3. I really like this colour, pastels are always nice in the summer months:)

  4. Nice colour, looks great on you Caitt :) I've nominated you for the Liebster award! (Check my blog for details)

  5. What a pretty colour. Currently I am wearing "Jamaica me crazy" by Essie and absolutely love it!