Monday, April 22, 2013

My Simple French Manicure

Hi guys, so for my new part-time job I'm not allowed to wear bright, bold or dark nail polish (bummer) I now know why there's a lot of posts about work-appropriate polish on here ahaha. Well I decided on a simple french for my first day. Now I know there's a lot of you who deffinately are not fans of the french manicure, but I love it! I think it looks so elegant and polished!
I used scotch tape to create a strait line across my nails (french stickers are too fiddley) and used Orly White out. I remove the stickers immidately and let dry before I apply a coat of Orly Rose Coloured Glasses over the whole nail , it is a really sheer pink, perfect for frenches as it is not streaky whats so ever. I finished off with a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward :)

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nfu Oh 51

Ah, my old favourite Nfu Oh 51, it's time to show you off again!
This is three coats and although it looks uneven in photos, it looks perfect in real life.
It's just beautiful!This was three coats
Don't forget Nfu Oh are available online at Crush Cosmetics (Aussie Company YAY, who also ship internationally)

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Pedi-Sox Review

Hi guys! Today I have a little review for you on Pedisox!

"Pedi-Sox® are unique one-of-a-kind toeless pedicure sock. Designed to provide solutions to pedicure dilemmas"

So basically, they're toe-less socks you put on before painting your toenails so you don't smudge your pedi if you wanna keep your feet warm. Pedisox also claim to aid in moisturizer and lotion absorption and to keep feet clean from dust or hair that's sure to stick to your fresh pedi.

They come in five different types, pro, ultra, original, spa and lite. I have three to show you today. All types also come in a variety of colours or designs.

 Pedi-Sox Lite in Springtime Violet $7

 Pedi-Sox Ultra in Mary Jane $10
Pedi-Sox original in Blue Logo $9

Now I have pretty wide feet and a very small pinkie toe so I had some problems with the original and ultra pedi sox being very tight around my feet, and they only come in the one size. I also found that they had to sit on the widest part of my foot so that my pinkie toe could sneek out the side lol. That said, I didn;t find this problem with the Lite pedi-sox which were very comfortable!

My Thoughts:
I feel like Pedi-sox are a luxury item for "the person who has everything" 
While they do keep your feet warm, your toes are still exposed which is usually the coldest part when freezing your tootsies off.
The original and ultra pedi sox were very tight, with not a whole lot of elasticity.
The lite Pedi Sox were very comfortable 
Pedi-sox did help my moisturiser soak in nicely, but then again, so do regular socks.
They are quite expensive with prices starting ar $7 per pair. I don't know about you, but I'm a five pack for five dollars kinda socks person.     
Cute designs and cute packaging 
Would be a cute gift, but I don't think I would purchase them for myself.

Products were sent for reveiw    

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nubar Lavender

Hi guys, long time no talk. I'm so sorry for being a bad blogger the last few months, but as some of you know I recently just moved states for my second year of UNI which has been a huge adjustment with classes that I have no prior knowledge for aha *cough* chemistry. 

I've also been trying to grow out some really terrible breaks in my nails

Anyway, today I'm back and have a favourite of mine to show you today. This is Nubar Lavender. A classic light lilac creme. Opaque in two coats and non-streaky. 

Probably should have cleaned up around my nails before taking pictures :S

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