What topcoat do you use?
Most commonly I use China Glaze Fast Forward, but also sometimes use Seche Vite. I have other various topcoats aswell but rarely use.

How do you moisturise your cuticles?
I mostly use LUSH Lemony Flutter, sometimes Burt's Bee's (see review & comparison here) I also sometimes use China Glaze Orange cuticle oil or Essie apricot cutice oil. I also use hand cream often - my favourites are OPI's Avojuice's.

How do you clean up after painting your nails?
I use the brush cleanup method (seen here) but I use non-acetone polish remover and a smaller brushes bought on ebay. It's a pack of three for $1.49. You can purchase them here. That said, I do sometimes just use cotton buds or q-tips to clean up when I'm lazy.

How many nail polishes do you own?
I don't like to count my polishes because I kinda don't want to know lol. I also try and clean out my stash regularly, donate and give away what I don't use. That said, I deffinately have over 200 polishes.

What's your alltime favourite nail polish?
I have a lot of trouble answering this.. Some of my favourites are China Glaze For Audrey. China Glaze DV8. OPI Catch Me In Your Net. OPI Absolutely Alice.

Do you paint your own nails?
Yes, always

Are your nails real?
They used to be, however, I am studying an Advanced Bachelor Degree of Nursing and when we work in the hospital setting we are not allowed to have long nails, so I use Nailene Glue On False Nails so I can remove them when my degree requires me to, but still enjoy my nail obsession.

What camera do you use?
Olympus 5010. I don't reccomend it.

How often do you paint your nails?
It depends. I've been known to change it multiple times a day, but also to wear it for a week strait. On average I'd say every other day maybe..

How do I stop biting my nails?
I used to be a chronic nail biter, until January 2011. I had tried allsorts of stuff you put on your nails to make them taste bad - didn't help, I didn't care. The thing that made me stop was I found a nail polish I absolutely adored, it was called Cool Blue Blast by Wet n Wild, and from that moment on, I never bit my nails again..

What nail polish remover do you use?
I use a brand called 'starlet' I get at Kmart for $2. It is the cheapest nail polish remover available in Australia. I wouldn't say the best, but for 2 bucks I don't really care lol

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