Friday, August 10, 2012

A-England Galahad!

Hi guys! Today I'm showing you a stunning polish from the indie brand A-England. A few weeks back they were having a sale on all the polishes from last years Mythicals collection. I decided to pick up three for only five pounds each and Free shipping!
Galahad is a stunning teal shade. It's relitively light compared to the teals we've seen lately like China Glaze Exotic Encounters, but it still has a bit of dustyness to it. Galahad applied beautifully! Two coats for perfect even coverage with no streaks. Formula was neither thick nor thin.
Most of us get so caught up in oggoling over A-Englands holographics we forget about the stunning cremes. 
This is completely unique in my collection, however, I do not own OPI Fly which I THINK might be similar.

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