Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Nfu-Oh #49

Hi guys, so today I'm wearing Nfu-Oh 49 over Lincoln Park After Dark. While this is a gorgeous polish I think you can achieve a reeeeeally similar effect with Essie Shine of the times or Nubar 2010. 49 is a bunch of flakies in a pretty much clear base, so put it over a dark colour to make it pop.
Regardless, gorgeous flakie goodness, enjoy!


  1. It's gorgeous indeed, and it looks great on you. Isn't Essie's Shine of the times more yellow than this?

  2. It does look like Shine of the times exceppt this one seems like there's less color to it. Did you use a matte top coat because it doesn't seem as shiny and maybe even a bit thick, if that's even possible for a flakie. Then again, it might just be the lighting/the picture.

  3. I would say the main difference is that it has a lot more red than SOTT - less duochromeness, and it is a lot more dense. Personally I prefer SOTT, you can see a swatch here: