Sunday, April 29, 2012

CND Guava Swatch & Comparison with China Glaze Peachy Keen & Zoya Arizona

Hi guys,
so I really debated showing you this swatch today because it is SOO colour inaccurate, but I don't know, I'm going to show you anyway as you really never hear about this colour.
I heard about it from Andrea or Plasma Spedo on youtube, and I realllly wanted it, but couldn't find it for AGES! So I think it must be discontinued as CND don't have it listed on their website.
Guava is a beautiful coral colour, it applies well. I used two coats and experienced no streaking or bubbling. I also really like CND's brush, while it's not like OPI's Prowide or anything I find it so easy to use, the bristles are very flexible.

Since this swatch looks soo much more orange than it is in real life I decided to include a comparison between a couple of oranges.

On the left is CND Guava, in the middle, China Glaze's Peachy Keen, & Zoya Arizona on the right. Here you can see it's a lot more coral.

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  1. hey caitt! great comparison! i must try out Peachy Keen soon :)

    btw i nominated you for the versatile blogger award:

    congrats :) xoxo Cathy