Friday, May 04, 2012

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Hi guys, so today I am wearing Max Factor Fantasy Fire! I have mixed feelings about this polish so stay tuned for that at the end.

Fantasy Fire is a super vibrant almost neon blurple base with a red/green duochrome shimmer. Here I have it layered over OPI Rumples Wiggin. 

Unfortunately, pictures do not capture this polish well :(

Lookin' a bit too bloooooo.

 No, I haven't fake tanned, my hand is literally an inch away from a warm toned light bulb.
The colour turned out well though, but it's a few shades darker than normal.

Here you can see a bit of the green shimmmmmah!


So obviously you all know that this polish is a suggested dupe for the infamous Clarins 230. It does have the amazing duochrome shimmer, but in a very different base (but I don't own 230) and in all honesty I think FF is much prettier.
While I love this colour, I think nearly neon blurple base is STUNNING! and the red shimmer, and green shimmer respectively are just gorgous. But I do have a couple of hangups.
1. This bottle is TINY.  It is 4.5mL, yes, smaller than an OPI mini!
2. The formula STINKS. It's super sheer, and uneven, not in like the leveling of the polish, but in the coverage.
3. Brush and handle are HORRIBLE. It's soo short, and the brush leaves a LOT to be desired.
4. It's only sold in the UK, and is very pricey on ebay for less than 5 mL

With that said, I used about 5-6 coats of Fantasy Fire over OPI Rumples Wiggin, and I was very suprised how little of the bottle I used, only maybe two millimetres from the top of the bottle (not much in a mini bottle). The formula is so thin that although you need a million coats, your not really using much more polish than you would with a regular standard 2-3 coat formula. So that was impressive I thought.

Over all I'm very glad I own it, I won't wear it often, partly because I have enough polish I'll never have to wear one twice in my life, partly because it takes so long to apply, and partly because it's such a small bottle.

Oh and here's OPI Rumples Wiggin on its own

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  1. It looks very pretty indeed. But I'm definitely not going to pay a lot for that small a bottle, just because it's UK only. :)