Friday, March 16, 2012

CHANEL APRIL: Swatch, Reveiw & Comparison

Hi guys so today I want to show you one of the Chanel 2012 Spring Line polishes, called April. I don't know why I HAD to have this polish, maybe because I'm born in April, but anyway - I really do like it, is it worth the $$$ - not really, read on why!

Chanel April is a gorgeous soft burgandy/cranberry/deep red with a slight dustyness to it. It's got a wonderful formula, applies so smooth, I used two coats, but you *could* get away with one if you were in a rush. It also dried super fast WITHOUT a topcoat! I never don't wear topcoats but i got a phonecall right as I was screwing the lid back on and took it, by the time I was off the phone (not long) it was dry and so so shiny (which dulled with use of handcream right before the photo) that I didn't feel I needed it :O

I thought I'd do a quick comparison to OPI's Just A Little Rosti at This because they are very similar.

The OPI is on the left and Chanel April on the right.
As you can see the OPI is a tad bit darker and lacks the certain dustyness I feel APRIL has (maybe that's just me) Both colours have superb formula and very easy application.
I feel that APRIL is a little more flattering on pale skinned girls (like me) but for the price difference you're getting more bang for your buck with the OPI.

OPI (15mL) - $19.95, CHANEL (13mL) - $39.00 
(David Jones)

OPI - $8.50, CHANEL - $22.00

Thanks for reading!

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