Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hi guys, so yesterday I wore ORLY Frisky from the 2011 Happy Go Lucky Collection, I tried this colour when it first came out, and I loved it, but the staining, my god the staining! I don't mean my nails got a yellow tinge I mean my whole hands were blue! & Polish remover would not remove it (with acetone!) I had to use a special stain removing soap my dad had for getting like oil and grease or whatever out of clothes. But anyway, About a year later I decided to try it again, and my application has severely improved so I didn't get much on my skin at all, and what did, didn't stain. 
NOTE: I have not yet removed Frisky but will let you know if it stains  again :)

Anyway, onto the polish, it's a beautiful aqua leaning blue with brilliant opacity. 

I wore it like this to work for a day before wanting to spruce it up, I asked on MUA and I got reccomended flakies, but for some reason i was skeptical, and I'm glad I didn't listen because this morning I had a light bulb! DS Sapphire!
When I did my Pale blue Holo comparison I was seriously considering swapping away Sapphire simply because it was so sheer However I'm glad I thought because of that I could use it as a topcoat and kept it.\

Now how freakin' amazing is that! 
I have no words, just smiles.


  1. I looks great on itself, but even greater with the top coat. I hope it doesn't stain too much!

  2. omg if that wasnt great to begin with i love it