Friday, September 21, 2012

Ruffian: OPI Designer De Better & Mermaids Tears

Hi guys! Today I wanted to do a ruffian inspired by Coewless which is probably one of my favourite blogs, but it isn't in english so I just ooogle over her gorgeous nails!

Anyway I remember seeing this combo ages ago but after I had done it I went back to go check and Coewless actually did a half-moon manicure which looked a lot better. Anyway. It was fun to give it a go!

Don't you think this design makes my nails look fat! lol

I free handed this ruffian so be nice!
Polishes used are OPI Designer De Better and OPI Mermaids Tears


  1. Fantastic colour combo - and so neat!

  2. Love the color combo on this! Mermaid Tears is sooo gorgeous <3

  3. You free handed that? Looks pretty perfect to me, I used the french tip guides when I did mine and I actually prefer the shape of yours. I felt that my ruffian made my nails look short and stumpy, I don't know that it actually flatters anyone's nails that much :/