Sunday, September 23, 2012

Essie A Crewed Interest!

Hi guys! So I recently recieved this Essie polish in a swap and I'm really loving it so I wanted to give you a quick look! This is A Crewed Interest. It is a super light peach colour that deffinately gives a neautral/nude work appropriate look.
I love it! I've read online that many people had formula issues with this polish but I didn't. It's possible it's previous owner may have thinned it, I don't know, but I did two fairly thick coats and it turned out lovely!

Thanks For Reading!
Have you had any polishes that you''ve heard are horrible to apply but work well for you?


  1. Such a gorgeous color! I'm a sucker for peaches :3

  2. It is lovely. I don't have this polish but I have Nars Orgasm (spicy name right?) and from where I'm sitting they may be dupes.

    1. No I stand corrected. Orgasm is darker with shimmer.

  3. What a super pretty colour! Love it.

  4. I love this peach color! One of my favorite Essies :D

  5. Such a gorgeous colour! It's the perfect peach colour.

  6. oo loving this color! and your nail shape looks great too