Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A-England St. George

Hi guys, sorry, long time no post, my internet connection has been down for what feels like forever aha. I finally spend the dreaded six hours to the ISP and got it fixed yay!
So today I'm going to show you a polish I wore a few days ago now ahaha

This is A-Englands St. George from their 2012 Ledgends collection. St. George is a gorgeous green leaning teal with a subtle holographic/prismatic effect. This applied amazingly in ONE coat.

I'm really upset I couldn't get a great photo of this :(


  1. Oohh so lovely! This is going on my wishlist! :)

  2. Whatcha talking about "you couldn't get a great photo of this"? It looks fantastic!! :)

  3. i loooove this color. i don't have a single A-England in my collection. gotta get one!

  4. So great to see a post from you!
    This is gorgeous! I can't believe it applies well with just one coat! So awesome :D