Saturday, June 30, 2012

Candy Lacquer Modern Love

Hi guys, today I'm showing you an awesome indie polish by Candy Lacquer.
This is Modern Love, it's got black and white bar glitter, black and white diamonds and squares, black and white small glitters and white heart shape glitters. 
I layered this over OPI Ate Berries In The Canaries.

This is two coats of Modern Love over two coats of OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries. You do have to dab the glitters in the right spots to get even coverage accross the nail, and even then it doesn't always work out (see my ring finger). The problem with this is that you get an uneven coverage of the lacquer base which makes it even chunkier and can cause bubbles. You also have to fish out the heart glitters which is a pain. Also, I can't hear any balls in the polish when you shake it, there could be one, but for this kind of glitter, you really need at least two to break up the glitter. I suggest standing this on its head for a while before using it. 

Candy Lacquer is available from Candy Lacquer Etsy Shop for $8 per 15mL


  1. this is stunning! i love the hearts in the polish! :)

  2. Lovely combination. Aw I have a few glitters like that. You made it look really nice on your nails!

  3. oooh I love all the different glitter shapes!!

  4. GAAAH this is so pretty. It looks so good on you. I have been lemming it for quite some time. Sad to hear the hearts are sparse :( I hate when there aren't any balls in the polish though! Especially with glitter :P Sometimes I take balls out of my old topcoats and put them in when I need some extra ballz (mostly indies).
    Even with the application issue I think if possible you have made me want this more!

  5. You know what I admire about you?? Your HANDS!!!
    It's soo pretty! :) Thanks for following me dear. Followed you back. ♥

  6. Looks so pretty. and you have so beautifully shaped nails! :)