Thursday, June 28, 2012

A-England Lady of The Lake: Swatch & Comparison

Hi guys, so the sun finally came out today!! So I'm going to show you A-Englands Lady of The Lake!
Lady of the lake is a blue toned purple with a sight dustyness to it with a subtle holographic effect!

And in the shade.

I also decided to do a comparison shot for you guys!

On the Left is Nubar Treasure, Middle A-England Lady of The Lake, Right Color Club Wild At Heart

To me, the closest is Color Club Wild At Heart. I'm torn between which I prefer, the Color Club is much more holo and has this sort of inner glow I find really beautiful, it is also a lot more opaque than the A-England. However, The A-England's dustyness and cooler tones make it much more flattering on my skintone.

A-England polishes can be purchased at for £9.00 which as of today converts to just over 13 Australian dollars and  just over 14 US Dollars. A-England also have free international shipping.

Alternatively, A-England can be purchased from Llarowe for $12 USD plus postage and handling, which is still pretty reasonable. 


  1. Back then I used to get dizzy looking at these shades for more than a few seconds (no joke)but now I've gotten used to them, I quite like them and other things holo

  2. It's very pretty indeed. I have the Nubar and the Color Club - so perhaps I should add A England to my stash...?! :D