Monday, June 25, 2012

China Glaze On Safari Collection: I'm Not Lion

Hi guys, today I'm showing you another polish from the China Glaze On Safari collection.
This is I'm Not Lion - such a cute name hehe.
I'm not Lion is a pale gold glitter with holographic particles. It looks like its got some silver glitter in there too. I used three coats, but two would probably have been fine. I did double up on the topcoat, but it isn't an extremely hungry glitter.


  1. This is beautiful! I'm not often one that loves a pure glitter looking polish, but this has taken me by surprise how much I'm loving it!

  2. talk about sparkle!!!!!! I love it!

  3. I am loving this polish! The new collection has a couple that I am really "needing"! : )

    Glad to have found your blog. You have really pretty manis. I look forward to more great pics!

  4. Awesome! Your swatch might have just bumped me over the edge in deciding whether to get this polish or not! I now need it!

    Love your blog, glad I found it!