Sunday, April 15, 2012

Zoya Gradient Feat. Zuza, Charla & Opal

Hi guys, sorry for being MIA for a bit, I've been really busy at the moment and haven't been changing my manicures. I've been wearing this one for five days and only have one chip on my right thumb.

For the base I used Zoya Zuza from their new Surf collection and then sponged Zoya Charla on my tips. I then added a coat of Opal to blend it all together a bit more and give it some more bling lol

Hope all you guys are doing well. Hopefully I'll have another post soon as I have so many new goodies to show you, but I have a lot in this week and since this mani is really holding up and I don't have much spare time I'll probably have this on for a bit longer.

Thanks for Reading!