Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chanel Graphite

Hi guys, I know it's a long time between posts but I honest;y haven't been updating my manicures very much which has partly been due to the fact I've been battling a stomach ulcer for the past month which has really been dragging me down and all my spare time is spent on UNI work.
Anyway, today I am wearing Chanel Graphite which came out last year I believe along with peridot and quartz.
Graphite is a gunmetal grey shimmer with gold shimemr which can sometimes give off a slightly greenish cast. 

Graphite applied very nicely. Opaque in two coats, slightly brushstrokey which dissapears with a topcoat.

Now I know of a couple of really similar colours to Graphite if you don't wanna spend the dosh on chanel laquer (I think this colour was limited edition too). Revlons Carbonite is a known dupe, and Number One Nemisis by OPI which will be released next month with the Amazing Spiderman collection is also very similar with a slightly less shimmery finish.

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