Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chanel Paradoxal: Swatch & Comparison with Aussie Brands

Hi guys I have a quick swatch and comparison for you today before I get on with my uni assignments.
I know this is late I guess since Paradoxal came out in 2010 but it wasn't until now I was able to get my hands on it.

Paradoxal is a super smokey puple leaning brown i think with a hidden purple/pink shimmer. It's very flattering.
Unfortunately I couldn't get the shimmer to show up properly on my camera, but beleive me it's there!

Now I know there are many dupes of Paradoxal from brands such as Barry M and Revlon but I thought I'd do a comparison with some Aussie brands since I remember searching through google for some, and nothing turned up aha.

CHANEL Paradoxal, Australis Limited Edition1, Ulta3 Twilight Fever

Now again I had trouble with my angles with the comparison, it seems I always have this with darker colours, but you'll have to trust me.... THEY'RE IDENTICAL!

The Australis was the most opaque of them all, barely needing a second coat, but the Chanel and Ulta3 were both opaque at two. They all apply very nicely and smoothly - I didn't experience any dragging or streaking. 

CHANEL - $39 at David Jones ($22 in USA)
Australis - $7.95 at Priceline, K-Mart & Target (However I got mine on clearance for 3.99 since it was limited edition, however I still see it around)
Ulta3 - $2.25 at various chemists eg. Terry White

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  1. omgsh i have twilight fever and i've always wondered if it's an exact dupe for Paradoxal. thank you so much for the comparison! <3 Cathy