Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quick Essie Luxeffects Collection Swatches & Review

Hi guys, I know this is really belated, but I have really super quick swatches of the Essie Luxeffects collection. I'm sorry I haven't had time to swatch on my hands, but I thought I'd show you anyway aha. I love this collection mainly because it's so unlike Essie! Essie are so bland to me, so many pinks, so many beige's, so many browns *yawns* but this is a really fun collection. Props to Essie, They did a REALLY great job with this collection!

L-R: As Gold As It Gets, Shine of The Times, A Cut Above, Set In Stone, Pure Pearlfection

 More pictures after the jump!

 Below is one coat of each Luxeffect lover a plain black creme

 L-R: Pure Pearlfection, As Gold As It Gets, Set In Stone, A Cut Above, Shine of The Times
Set In Stone, A Cut Above & Shine of The Times
Pure Pearlfection, As Gold As It Gets, Set In Stone

Pure Pearlfection
Pure Pearfection (supercute name!) is a super fine silver microglitter topcoat with flashes of pink and blue microglitter. A super subtle effect to light colours, or intensifies dark colours brilliantly, really really love it. It's much denser than Orly love Eachother in case you were wondering (like I was) Let me know if you'd like me to do a comparison! :) Another close shade may be OPI I Juggle Men - but I don't own it to compare.

As Gold As It Gets
Sort of similar idea to pure pearlfection, but As gold as it gets has teeny mini flakies (visable in the last pic) in it as well as gold microglitter. I compared it to China Glaze White Cap which is actually a bit more dense but with finer shimmer and over black, a greenish undertone. Over black I much prefer as gold as it gets but over lighter colours, like pastel blues White Cap looks much better in my oppinion. Again, let me know if you'd like to see this comparison :)

Set In Stone
Set In Stone is small silver glitter medium glitter and larger silver hex glitter in a clear base. Suprisingly i have nothing like this. The thing I like most about this is, and what I think makes it unique is the fact that the glitter is plain silver, unlike many glitters with a holo sparkle (which is great in its own right). I think it's similar to OPI's Crown Me Already, but a lot more sheer which is great as it's meant for layering. I also think CMA has larger hex glitter, but not sure as I don't own it.

A Cut Above
A Cut Above is the same formulation as Set In Stone but with Rose Pink glitter instead of silver. This is also suprisingly unique. I was actually hoping this would be a little less dense as I had an idea of a nail design in my head, but it didn't work out with the density of this polish - but hey, the worlds not here to please me! lol

Shine of The Times
Ah the Nubar 2010/Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure Dupe. Personally this flakie doesn't really speak to me very much so I really don't need this. I already own 2010 which is a little less dense than Shine of The Times but still fulfills the whole orange/green flakie thang. Bring out some more blue/green/purple flakies! But if you don't own a dupe for this, it's great!

Thanks For Reading! What's your favourite?

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