Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Battle of the Lemon Scented Cuticle Creams: LUSH Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter VS. Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Hi guys! Since i've been camping for the last few days and haven't done any NOTD's I thought I'd do a bit of a comparison for you, between LUSH Lemony Flutter & Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream.

Check out my in depth review after the jump!

Please note that my Burt's Bees is only a travel size of 8.5g, the full size is 17g. Anyway. BB's cuticle cream comes in a round tin (very similar to lip balm tins) which I personally find quite difficult to open, however it's really cute. The old fashioned design is one of the things I love about BBs. LUSH's Lemony Flutter comes in a 50g black tub typical of most of Lush's creams & lotions. This packaging has a screw top lid which is secure yet easy to open & close.I prefer the packaging of LF, however, BB is very easy to travel with & carry with you on the go!

I love the smell of both of these products. To me, Burts Bees smells a lot more like authentic lemon where as the lemony flutter has a sweeter scent - sort of like lemon icing. However that is to my nose. When I first tried LF I didn't really like the smell compared to BB, however now, I actually prefer it. Both these have very strong lemon scents which I absolutely LOVE!

Burts Bees Cuticle Cream is 100% natural for all you hippies out there :P It contains sweet almond oil, lemon peel oil, beeswax & cocoa butter to moisturise cuticles naturally. Burts Bees also DO NOT test on animals. LUSH's Lemony Flutter is a certified Vegetarian product which is not tested on animals and contains Fresh lemon infusion, shea butter, beeswax, mango butter, soya oil & a whole other bunch of oils to keep your cuticles in top knick!
For a full list of both these products ingredients please refer to the respective companies websites.

Texture & Application
While BB claims their product is a 'cream' it is most certainly a balm. Infact one of my friends has mistaken it as such and used it on her lips (not that this would be bad). It's quite oily requires a bit more 'rubbing in' than Lemony Flutter. LF is exactly what it says: a butter. In fact it reminds me of butter icing, it's very soft & smooth and applies as such.  However is can make your fingers greasy but no where near as much as BB's which leaves oily residue for over 10 minutes after application - which isn't necessarily bad, but I prefer it to 'sink in' a bit quicker. Lemony Flutters consistancy makes it very easy to overuse, unlike burts bees which actually requires a bit of swirling your finger in the tin (unless it's hot which causes the product to melt a bit) Please note that you would not need as much product pictured below for all your fingers. You need very little of both of these products to supply all your cuticles with moisture.

Over all I think both products work the same way, I used BB for months before I tried LF. I don't think either shows a better result than the other so in my opinion the adequacy of the product lies in its other factors such as application. Both products left my cuticles feeling very soft, moisturies and healthy.
Price Point & Availability
This is where I think a lot of people will reach their verdict:
LUSH Lemony Flutter: $14.95 for 50g
BB's Cuticle Cream: $14.95 for 17g
That said, BB is more readily available than LF in Australia, as LUSH stores are hard to find, however BB is available in David Jones, Myer & Priceline (& probably other places). Lemony Flutter is also available via however its a $9 Flat Rate shipping charge so I'd check out other LUSH products & make a large order to compensate for shipping costs.

For me, I much prefer Lemony Flutter. I like that it's a lot smoother and creamier than BB however this makes it easier to over-use.  I also like that it's cheaper per gram and it will last me ages - HOWEVER, Lemony Flutter does have an expiry date, which BB doesn't have, but I bought mine with just under a year & a half to go though so don't worry you have to use it up in a month! LF is also a lot easier to apply. If you do not have access to LUSH products, BB makes a great alternative however I find it to be a bit fiddly with the packaging & the fact you swirl your finger in it to pick up the product & then apply to one finger & repeat where as you can just get a blob of LF and apply to all your fingers. Lemony Flutter also gets another point as it absorbs much faster than BB.

Anyway guys, thanks for reading!
I think I covered everything but if you have any more questions, just ask!

P.S. On my nails is OPI's Designer.. De Better!


  1. I jus want u say I love this review and had been contemplating which one to get!!! this certainly helps me decide whr to spend my hard earned money!! Thanks!

  2. Wow thank you! I was having this very delima. I couldn't figure out which one I should buy. Everyone recommends them both but no one has compared them. Very helpful! Do you know if any other stores carries LF??

  3. Thank you for the wonderful review , it is extremely helpful :)

  4. Thank you for the wonderful review , it is extremely helpful :)

  5. Thanks so so much!! Here in Ireland I have found LF for around €7 in a Lush store and BBS for €8.50 so the price isnt an issue an issue. My cuticles arent severely damaged or anything so I dont need something very intense, just something to keep them soft and healthy. I will have to go a bit further to get the LF and the BB is much closer by.... I think I might opt for the LF but still thinking.. suggestions? ( also just realised this thread is 5 years old �� ) thanks, Grace.