Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Naked Cosmetics Ivory Stack: Swatches & Review

Hi guys! So last week I attended IMATS in Sydney and had the most amazing time! The main thing I wanted from IMATS was the Naked Cosmetics Ivory Stack which is basically the CND Effects of eye shadows! I was so happy to pick this up for $25 a stack (I also picked up a glitter one) which is amazing considering on the Australian Naked Cosmetics website it retails for $80!

They come in six individual pots but if you remove the lid you can screw them into the bottom of another, thus making the 'stack' which saves a lot of space.

Anyway, I decided to swatch them for you because there isn't that many on the internet!

L-R: 1,2,3,4,5,6
As you can see these pigments are sheer "topcoats" to put over other colours to give them sparkle and more dimension.
Number one is the most disappointing for me as it is just a pearly white where as the others all have a colourful sparkle that really comes out when layered over a dark colour.

L-R: over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil In Black Bean
(excuse the lump of eye pencil in the middle of the gold lol a chunk broke off)

Overall I am inlove with this collection! My favourtie is the gold it is sooooo pretty, and my least favourite is number one, it's just a pearly white - a bit boring if you ask me.
I would completely recomend this collection to give sparkle to any look!

These eyeshadows are available in the Ivory stack or each shade is sold individually on the Australian and U.S Naked Cosmetics Website.


  1. aw i love their packaging but am not a fan of their pearly finish. those would look like sparkling dust on my eyes, no color and no whimsical glory... which i am a fan of

  2. These are really pretty, it's a shame about the white though, it could of been beautiful. How fun was IMATS?! So many awesome bargains :D