Saturday, September 01, 2012

My Sugarpill Collection Swatches!

Hi guys, today I thought I'd show you my sugarpill collection. Why? because it's beautiful! 

I keep all my sugarpill eye shadows in a Large Z-Palette. I used a sugarpill sticker and black piece of card to cover the see through plastic because I feel it looks neater :) Sugarpill eyeshadows magnetise automatically to the z-palette.

 Top Row: Love +, Flamepoint, Acidberry, Tako, Poison Plum
Middle: Buttercupcake, Mochi, Afterparty, Midori
Bottom Row: Poison Plum (Yes I Have Two), Velocity, Dollypop

I got most of my eyeshadows in their palette form which you can see here, But a few were from compacts which are really easy to de-pot :)
Please excuse the nicks in some of the shadows, that's what happens when you re-arrange them with long nails lol

Read On After The Jump For Swatches & Some Eye Looks!

Burning Heart Palette

Love +
True Matte Red
Burning Heart Palette

Bright Matte Orange
Burning Heart Palette

Bright Matte Yellow
Burning Heart Palette

Poison Plum
Amazing Purple, subtle shimmer.
Burning Heart Palette

Sweet Heart Palette

The Brightest of Barbie Pinks
Sweetheart Palette

Bright Blue with a slight metallic sheen
Sweet Heart Palette

Shimmery Kelly Green
Sweet Heart Palette

Matte White
Sweet Heart Palette

Matte Cobolt Blue
Heart Breaker Palette

Shimmery Light Turquoise
Heart Breaker Palette

Lime Green 
Heart Breaker Palette


Here are the loose eyeshadows! I did do closeups of them all but somehow they got lost between camera and computer :S but anyway, 
These ones are actually swatched on my sisters arms as mine were full up with the pressed shadows.

Top Arm:
Lumi (Dry, Wet) , Tiara (Dry, Wet) , Goldilux (Dry, Wet) , Birthday Girl (Dry, Wet)
Bottom Arm
Junebug (Dry, Wet) , Darling (Dry, Wet) , Tipsy (Dry, Wet) , Royal Sugar (Dry, Wet) , Starling (Dry, Wet) , Hysteric (Dry, Wet) 

Looks I've done using Sugarpill

 (Nails: Zoya Rica)
Using The Burning Heart Palette!

Posing with my pup before we went out lol (Essie Watermelon on my Nails)
Used Mochi, Velocity and Poison Plum

Sugarpill are available on, Camera Ready Cosmetics and the Makeup Geek Store


  1. Gorgeous! Love Sugarpill's loose shadows they're such a dream to apply!

  2. Gorgeous <3 I nominated you for a Liebster award. You can check it out in my blog :)

  3. I loooove my Sugarpill shadows, they are such a great brand! Lovely post :)

  4. Great vivid colors, love the first look!