Thursday, September 06, 2012

Flakie Layering! With NFU-OH #520 & #50

Hi guys! I recently posted about Crush Cosmetics now carrying Nfu Oh Polishes. While they don't have the whole range they do have some of the favourites inclusing Nfu Oh #51 which I paid ebay prices for before Crush started carrying the line. 

So I picked up a couple of them! This is Nfu Oh #520 from their creme collection. It's a medium blue toned purple. A little on the thick side and prone to streaking unless you get the exact right amount on the brush. It's a bit of a pain to apply but I'm going to try adding thinner before I decide I don't like the formula.

I then decided to layer #50 over it. #50 is a blue/green shift flakie topcoat in a sheer pink base.

Thanks for Reading!