Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A-England Merlin!

Hi guys! Today I'm showing you another A-England polish that I got in their sale a few weeks back. This one is called Merlin. 
Merlin is a silver glitter, if you look really closely the glitter pieces are actually irregular little shapes, rather than normal round square or hex glitters which is really cool but you can't really tell in the scheme of things.
Merlin applied very well coating the nail evenly in glitter. I used three coats here, but you could do two depending on how thick you apply it. It also dried to a suprisingly smooth texture, I only needed one coat of China Glaze Fast Forward and it was smooth. One thing I did notice when applying this though was that it had a very strong smell, something I've never noticed with any other A-Englands so I'm putting it down to the glitter.

It's so shiny!


  1. The miniature picture of your mani in the list of blogs I follow caught my eye instantly! This is SUPER shiny indeed! :D Looks gorgeous!

  2. Whoa! That's spectacular! I wish I had known that while there was still a promo sale :)