Saturday, July 28, 2012

OPI No Room For The Blues

Hi guys, today I wanted to show you a realy quick mani I did before bed one night. Unfortunately 
this meant I got some terrible sheet marks, but only on my index finger lol weird.
Anyway, this is OPI's No Room For The Blues. It was one of the first OPIs I ever got! It's a sky blue creme that applies perfectly in two coats.


  1. I only ever get sheet marks on one finger too! Curious...

    1. P.S. I suspect that mine might be a fake, but do you find that the colour in your No Room For The Blues separates alot? Mine has separated and no matter how much I shake it/leave it upside down the colours just don't re-blend.

    2. No I have the exact same problem! It seperates like crazy and never fully mixes back together properly!

  2. haha I do the same. Then I go to bed in my preying mantis pose (hands clasped together on top of the sheets). But this doesn't stop me getting bed sheet marks. I put another layer of top coat the next day and that usually smoothes out those pesky bumps.