Monday, June 18, 2012

Sigma Paris Palette Review!

Hi guys, so first off this doesn't have anything to do with nails lol, I recently purchased the sigma paris palette and wanted to share my thoughts :) Now from what I understand, this palette was created by seven youtube 'beauty gurus'. I used to watch two of them and really liked them, but the others I'd never heard of..
Anyway, this palette contains eight eyeshadows, two blushes and a highlight shade all inspired by the beautiful city of paris. It also contains two fullsize sigma brushes the E55 Eye shadow brush and the F40 angled blush brush. This palette is limited edition and retails for $59 on, however, if you go to any of the youtubers chanels they give you a code for $10 off so I paid $49.

 So this is the cover slip that comes over the palette, super cute!

Read on after the jump for more pictures & a reveiw!

This is the actual palette

 Here's the inside, as you can see it comes with a huge mirror (that is dirty as I've been using this pallette lol)

It also comes with this little booklet that has pictures and descriptions inside by the creators 

I absolutely adore this E55 Eye shadow brush, I'm very happy with it. At first I didn't think I'd like it as it isn't particularly soft, but it works really well for me!

Unfortunately I'm not a fan of the F40 Blush brush, I've read in reveivews that it doesn't pick up enough colour, but I find the opposite. A light sweep with this makes me look clownish. Also, this brush smells, it's weird, I've washed it, but to me it smells like urine :S 

Sigma also threw in a free sample Blending brush. It's a normal brush but just with a shorter handle. Im really happy with this as it was in my cart till the last minute lol and then I get it free! Yay!

Now onto the Eye Shadows!

The first shade in the palette is Eiffel which was created by Tiffany D who I watch all the time. This is a gorgeous black with multi-coloured shimmer throughout. This shade is a bit messy. When the palette arrived it had plastic sheeting over all the colours, but Eiffel had some black dust all around it, it created a bit of fallout but it's a really beautiful shade. I do find to get the sparkles to show up best you need to do two or three layers.

The second colour in the palette is Seine, which was created by the group as a whole. It's a deep super shimmery blue - very pigmented. Absolutely stunning!

Lourve is a matte teal shade! I absolutely ADORE this colour! This was created by Petrilude from youtube. This is the only matte in the palette.

Next up is Orsay which was created by a youtuber called MacNC40. Orsay is a light turquoise with gold glitter in it, I NEED a nail polish in this colour! I love it! Unfortunately it's a little sheer, to get it to pop you need to layer it over a white base.

Next we have an eyeshadow called Elysees created by DulceCandy.  It's a deep eggplanty / burgandy colour with a bit of brown to it. This is the least shimmery of the shimmers lol.

Next up is Notre Dame, this is a pretty purple taupey shade created by xteener. This alone can be a really nice neutral sort of look, I really like it :)
Next up is Triomphe created by 'Frmheadtotoe' this is a duochrome shade! While I don't think this is especially flattering, it's really cool. It's like a brown with a prominent green colour shift plus some multicoloured shimmer throughout.

Lastly is Versailles which was created by XSparkage which was one of the first youtubers I ever watched! This is a white gold colour that I really like because it isn't like a yellow gold so it goes with more colours! This colour is really pretty but I find it to be a little grainy..

There is then two blushes and a highlight shade in the palette. These blushes are very nice, but not unique in my opinion, but I'm not a big blush girl.

 excuse the condition of this blush, can you tell I've been using it? lol

What I Liked:
- The Colours! With the exception of Triomphe - it's cool, but not something I could wear
- It comes with brushes worth $23. I love the E55
- Discount codes XSPARKAGE gets $10 off making the palette 49$ which I think is reasonable.
- Good quality & Free gift! XD
- Good blush shades
- Sturdy packaging
- Shipping was fast (international)

What I didn't like:
- A bit of fallout
- The F40 brush, mine seriously smells like urine.
- The front of the palette needs like a little lever or indent to make it easier to open, it's magnetic and doesn't have anything to grab onto when you open it.

Hope you guys beared with me for this makeup reveiw lol, I don't know much about makeup but I was

All products were purchased by me with the exception of the Blending Brush which was a free gift with my purchase of over $30.

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  1. The palette looks gorgeous! I have had my eye on this since it came out, but I still haven't got around to purchasing it! :'(