Friday, June 22, 2012

China Glaze On Safari: Exotic Encounters Swatch & Comparison

Hi guys, today I'm showing you one of the polishes from the new China Glaze On Safari Collection for Summer 2012. This is a collection of twelve shades that are a lot more 'fall' colours than the traditional summer shades, but then again China Glaze just released a 12 piece neon collection aha.
The first one I'm showing you is Exotic Encounters.
Exotic Encounters is a creme teal which leans A LOT more toward the green side. It also has a dustiness  to it. It applied well with no streaks, but I did find that the brush seemed to pick up a lot more polish than I needed, even when wiping some off, so something to keep in mind. This polish was very pigmented and you could totally get away with one coat if you so wished. I did two coats in my swatches as photos tend to bring out every inconsistancy in polish aha.

 I also did a comparison for you guys.

Left: OPI Jade Is The New Black, Middle: Exotic Encounters, Right: Essie Go Overboard.

Thanks for Reading! 
Are you planning on picking anything up  from this collection?


  1. I ordered the whole collection a week ago and now I'm waiting for it to arrive. But my instincts tell me that me and this polish might not match, just like the other greens I've worn :O

  2. I love the safari collection, I wish it was easy to get in the UK :(. How much do you guys pay for it in the US? :) xx

    1. Hi Natalie, well I actually live in Australia so I buy the vast majority of my polish online. You can get it for about 7-8 dollars on ebay, less if you buy multiple which combines postage costs :)

  3. You and I were on the same train of thought, I did a comparison with GO and Lucky Duck, which is a JitNB dupe. Exotic Encounters is a unique one that I'm glad to have in my collection.

  4. Thanks for the comparisons - I looked at this and thought of both of an Orly - name escapes me but was something from the Bird grouping of 2011...and then thought like you did of OPI Jade IS The New Black. They are close - now I need to see if I can find it side by side with the Orly. It does have more green than a lot of shades called teal. I have 3 shades from this collection and like the cream formula on them - they are more dense than some ChG creams but I deal with the way they flow well and they don't puddle toward the nail edges which is a big plus for me. I have some more blue leaning teals but my eye is drawn to this color and as said the others I have like the formula on them.

  5. Revlon Emerald is also another JISTB and Exotic Encounters dupe. The best part about Revlon is it is a lot less expensive than the others. =)