Friday, January 27, 2012

Zoya Fleck Effect Collection Swatches & Review 2012 (PIC HEAVY)

Hi guys, so I'm still feeling really sick, so when I got home from work today after starting at 7am I climbed into bed for a nap, when not even 10 minutes later my sister comes in and asks "is zoya colour for you?" YAY! I recieved my order of nine new zoyas! So I hauled myself out of my warm pillow fort because I just HAD to swatch them! So here you are, swatches of the Fleck Effect Collection by Zoya over various colours :)

Opal, Chloe, Maisie

Swatches after the jump!

is a sheer pink tinted base with multi coloured flakies (note: not a Nubar 2010 dupe) The most prominant colour is the orangey colour.

One coat over Black

Two coats over OPI Tease-y Does It

One coat over Zoya Rica (This is a questionable combo, the sparkle in Rica steals the show!)

is a sheer blue tinted base packed with blue/green flakies

One coat over black

One coat over ORLY Stone Cold

Two coats over Zoya Skylar (This one's a bit messy, sorry :s)

is a sheer green base with blue green flakies

One coat over Black

Two coats over Essie Mint Candy Apple (This is so beautiful, so much better than Inglot over MCA swatched here,)

Two coats over Zoya Ivanka (I wore this as a whole mani, absolutely stunning, the flakies are not teribly noticable but it just glows!)
So many thought, not enough brainwaves to organise them.
So overall I'm really impressed with this collection, mostly because a mainstream company listened and gave us flakies! Now zoya, where are the holo's :P Anyway, the most unique in this collection is Chloe, I've never seen anything quite like it. That said, my favourite is Opal by far, it just glows! It also has a really strong colour shift over black. The most dissapointing this about this collection was that you can barely tell the difference between Opal & Maisie. The look very different in the bottle, but over black, they're pretty much dupes, which is a shame. I also found that in maisie, the most prominant colour was green, just like opal, shouldn't it be blue? I had to tilt my nails just right in the pics to get the most amount of blue showing, hm, I'm not sure, but I'm not that impressed by Maisie, and I was looking forward to her the most. But anyway, I think Opal is a must have, it just glows! All three have fairly thich formulas which is typical of flakies, and is very workable. They didn't dry very fast I must say, but not terrible. Also the sheer base barely makes a difference at all, you'd never get it opaque.


  1. great swatches! seems like Flakies are really on trend at the moment :) hi Caitt, just out of curiosity, where do you get your Zoya, OPI and ChG? xoxo Cathy

  2. Hi Cathy! I buy nearly all my polishes off eBay, mostly from enchanted beauty spot, beauty zone 2007 & send the trend.
    This was the first time I've purchased Zoyas and I bought them from this seller
    They weren't very cheap, but she had flat rate postage & was the first to have the fleck effects for sale on ebay :) x